Below you'll see categories of photography I specialize in as well as a brief description of what that specific session entails.

If what you're looking for isn't listed - please use the contact form to reach out and tell me about your ideas!

Indoor & Outdoor Family Sessions

the best, the best, the best

Ground into the present. Wherever you are; a couple in a new space, a couple in an old space, welcoming a new family member, in the throes of something deep, beautiful/difficult, or simply traveling through the sweet mundane. I'm here to capture you - the big, the little, and all the in between.

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Family Portrait Pricing Packages


starting at $325

30-90 minute session //
solo and/or with family


from: $400

60-90 minute session //
the whole kit and caboodle;
parents, kid(s), animal kid(s), siblings

Newborn + Baby

from: $475

60-120 minute session //
in the comfort of your own home


you // your business // your brand

These sessions are great for updating and/or keeping current with your website, social media, or printed productions.
From headshots, spacial and staff portraiture, to products and the like. I offer reoccurring session rates as well as single offerings.

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Business / Branding


Starting at $175

15-30 minute session //
up to 3 outfit changes

Staff / Space / Product

starting at $250/hr

spacial interior and/or exterior //
staff portraiture //


get togethers // shindigs

Photography for events; weddings, birthdays, reunions, music, celebrations!

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Get Togethers

starting at $275/hr

min. 2 hrs // max. 5 hrs
birthday, bah mitzvah, reunion, wedding, music, celebrations!

Community // Social Work


501c3, social justice, medical awareness, fundraising //
images for a cause.