I'm taking myself out on a date! | Sarah's Patisserie.



I have found that shopping at the Co-op is like therapy to me. I will idly wander through the aisles with no list.. for a good hour.  They have so many natural, local options. Also, lots of innovative crafty things.  I love the bakery, the produce section, all the glass bottles and containers for all sorts (lip balm, tinctures, etc.) I even love all the dreads. <3  I purchased a book of coupons for local eateries and businesses from there a couple of days ago.  I was so pleased with all it had to offer.  One coupon including $5 off a $20 purchase at Sarah's Patisserie. Yes! 

I met Matt for lunch at the Ithaca Center and then meandered about with a million goals on my mind.. all clouded by macaroons. I passed Sarah's Patisserie when we came to the Commons for the Chili Cook-off last month and marveled at the interior - high blue walls, local abstract artwork, titian teardrop lighting and shiny glass display windows (with not even the slightest detection of a finger print) delicately cradling the most intricately designed pastries.  You can imagine my face when I (of course) left my own fingerprint smudge and the frantic rubbing I did with my sleeve as soon as no one was looking. I'm smiling because as I type she is cleaning the glass windows.  You guys, I feel pretty fancy in here.  The sound system overhead is playing Beethoven's No. 4 in A Minor.  I've been here 30 minutes and so far a father and daughter have come in and shared a slice of cheesecake, two elderly women arrived and  chose the key-lime macaroons, and then three high school aged girls who after much deliberation went with the robin's egg macaroons (because of the rainbow sprinkles).  I decided to save my coupon until I come with a bigger crowd.  Lord knows I do not need $20 worth of pastries lingering around the kitchen.  However, I will leave with a Hazelnut Roulette because lets face it; with a name like that - I could not resist.  

With things like Chocolate Passion Plaisir, Lemon Vanilla Cake, and homemade eclairs.. this is the spot to be when you have a sweet tooth.  It's spacious, simple but elegant, and perhaps most importantly; delicious.  Stop by next time you're in Ithaca.  I bet you'll love it just as much as I do! 

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